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See what our students have to say about the school by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience while in the school, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.
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45 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. it was a wonderful experience learning at Dayspring Career institute… i had no prior knowledge of any thing in the healthcare field …… But by the time i was 2 weeks in the program i could speak the health care language ….. the instructor did great justice to the text books in terms of explanation and they where so understandable and there was team spirit….we all worked as a team and we all passed the state board exam….

    I recommend DSCI….anytime ……anyday cos it s a great school, friendly and conducive environment for learning

  2. What a privilege to attend Dayspring Career Institute it has an amazing class, interesting topics, great discussions, and some new hands-on lessons. I want to thank the instructor for her support, I couldn’t have done it without her! The best thing about this school is that they’re committed, dedicated, experience to providing high quality education. However, this school has many tools to help students succeed for the finals and besides it is the most comfortable because the great environment. I recommend this school to anyone who’s motivated to work in the health field that you won’t regret the decision.

  3. My experience at the Dayspring Career Institute has been nothing short of exceptional..The knowledge I have acquired over the last 4 weeks has totally impacted my life positively. The environment is conducive for learning and is fully equipped with various instructional materials i.e videos, a lab for skills practice and plenty of scenario simulations. The way I vibe CNA now, you would not know that I knew little to nothing 4 weeks ago. The Instructor is very passionate about what she does, and this reflects on me in a positive way. She is a resourceful and creative instructor such that each lesson, skills are broken down in ways that I cannot forget easily. It has assisted to improve my understanding and promoted my learning of the responsibilities and duties of a CNA. I can confidently walk into any Healthcare facility and be sure to give quality care needed. Dayspring carer Institute gets 10 out of 5 stars for me and I can say this anywhere. Did I mention that I also made some very amazing friends and gained a whole new family?

  4. when I started the class, like many others aiming at transitioning to a new career, DSCI gave me the required assurance and was very impressed by the instructor. she made us believe in our abilities, her dedication as a nurse and teacher inspired us all to work hard. And above all the whole training program was quite phenomenal.
    And guess what, my classmates were amazing and cant stop thinking about the memories we all shared together.
    Our instructor put in the extra time and excessive effort to ensure we all pass the state exams, and YES we all passed.
    I will always be a proud advocate and will definitely recommend this school to anyone desiring to have quality and superior CNA/QMA training.

  5. I was skeptical at first, not too sure I will be able to cope since I have no prior experience in the medical field. The facilitator made things so easy and the fact that we are divided into groups for study made learning easy. Thank you so much for making the journey seamless for a novice like me.

  6. I was skeptical at the beginning because I had no prior experience in the medical field. The facilitator made the lessons interesting and she had us in groups which made learning very easy. Thanks for making it easy for a novice like me.


  7. I am really happy that I decided to come to Day spring career institute . It was a life changing experience and has given me such great opportunity. In school I learned a lot and have taken everything I learned with me. I really liked my teachers and I enjoyed the people and experience I had at my externship I recommend Dayspringe career institute.

  8. It was such a great experience at Dayspring Career Institute. I can’t thank the instructor enough because for one or the other I almost gave up but as a mother and great instructor she encouraged and inspired me to never give up. I’m a proud CNA today and I can confidently and professionally work in any healthcare facility thanks to her encouragement, her advice, her knowledge and direction. Dayspring Career institute is a perfect knowledgeable and affordable school, with a dedicated and caring instructor, she inspires everyone and promote self esteem. It’s a very conducive environment with the necessary equipments to learn, she encouraged team work and with my wonderful classmates we worked together successfully.
    l’ll certainly recommend anyone, at anytime and any day to Dayspring Career Institute and thank the instructor again and again because I won’t be a CNA today without her advice, knowledge, encouragement and great effort not only as an instructor but also as a mother to all her students.

  9. I found the class so interesting…providing high quality education with a conducive environment…To couple it with amazing lecturer in person of mrs Ronke Ajumobi who impact greatly by illustrating with all passion within her…Dayspring career centre is a school to be ..i recommend the school greatly..a trial will convince you…i will be right back for my QMA

  10. Hmmmm……what else can we say,when success crown the effort of both instructor and student….thank you mrs RONKE AJIMOBI(RN) for your motherly support even during the holidays and weekends you take your time to impact knowledge to us and encourage us that we can all make it amidst fear of unknown almighty exam…..thank you mummy, And congrats to set 96 for 100% success…..yea we all made it
    You out there choose: DAY SPRING CAREER INSTITUTE
    Choose RONKE AJIMOBI as ur instructor
    Up Dayspring…………great CNA

  11. This is the Best place to do your CNA with the best instructor and motherly was a wonderful experience and I thank God that I passed through the class.GO THERE and Do yours and you never regret it

  12. Awesome school, great instructors. Good and excellent teaching methods.I personally strongly advise anyone that has a loving and willing healthcare will to go to Dayspring Career Institute. Your score will definitely be great and you pass the class with no doubt. Knowledge is power.Thanks to Dayspring Career Institute.

  13. I thank God for this opportunity to take this class but what is more important is to be taught by a good instructor,she is ready to do everything for you to understand and to love what you are doing. I know what I’m talking about.

  14. Day spring career institute is a good school. Before I started the class I don’t have knowledge on nursing, but when I start the class I acquired and have more knowledge on nursing line infact the instructor was great and the environment is clean and conducive for learning and my class group are amazing and also the school have good repetition and well recognized in Indianapolis.

  15. Attending DaySpring was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health care career. Great school, great instructor and great classmates! Thank you so much for having me!

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  17. Well…I want to say this is one of the best school ever I would say, my experience here was so awesome, I don’t know anything about this nursing stuff, but right now am a proud CNA student that will soon become a real CNA. Mrs. Ronke has really impact a lot into us and me personally, I gain a lot of experience from here even apart from the CNA lecture but a lot of life experience. This school is a really a nice place to learn. And am recommending this school to anyone that cares to go for Certified Nursing Assitance. Mummy I love n cherish you a lot, thanks for everything Ma

  18. I LOVE DAYSPRING SCHOOL! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I absolutely Love Miss Ronke She’s The Best Teacher Ever & Christina As Well. I’m excited for my new journey as a CNA but I’m sad to leave such great people. Thanks to Dayspring I am starting my new career. Thank You ❤️

  19. This class was a very awesome and wonderful experience. I learned to stay dedicated, and also to maintain great team work. This school is very informative, and it can show you how to have great punctuality. We have actual hands on experience within the residents. I love everything about the school but Most importantly the instructor and the great spirits she keep us in. She never allows us to give up, I learned to always keep trying. I recommend this school for everyone, you’ll achieve and meet your academic goals.

  20. Dayspring! Dayspring! Dayspring! An unforgettable experience, amazing scenery, awesome instructor and great classmates. A beautiful experience that I would want to come again and refer my loved ones. If dayspring was my nursing school I would pass with flying colors because you are taught to learn and understand.

  21. I had a great experience at Dayspring career institute, The instructor impacted a lot of knowledge that helped me to pass my QMA exam.I would recommend the school to anyone.

  22. Am so glad I took my qma class at Dayspring career institute,I passed my qma class today on my first try, well I had no doubt about passing because the instructor went above and beyond to prepare us through the reviews and testing….If you are trying to take the test try this school and you will glad you did.

  23. I thank God for his mercy and grace. I also thank my instructor Ms. Ronke for the knowledge and patience. I passed my QMA test board exam. I did study but it was by his grace that I made it.

    God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  24. Am glad I took my CNA program in dayspring career institute it was a life changing experience I found the class interesting and wonderful I thank God I pass my exam

  25. It was an awesome experience at Dayspring career Institute. All Thanks to my beautiful instructor for her motherly love and attention to details. The past weeks of the program has been an excellent journey all Thanks to God almighty and to Mrs Ronke Ajumobi RN.

    I recommend Dayspring Career Institute any day, any time, it is conducive , and the instructor is very friendly…….

  26. Welcome to Dayspring career institute a home of learning and achieving academy excellence. Be rest assured you are at the right place. It was an awesome experience passing through this institute.

  27. It was a great experience at Dayspring Career Institute. I want to give God all the glory for ordering my step into this school. My sincere appreciate goes to my instructor for the knowledge imparted and encouragement which make me achieve my academic goal. Great Institute! Great Experience. Highly recommended.

  28. I appreciate God Almighty for the privilege I had to attend dayspring was a great and wonderful experience, I met with a lot of different people with different languages, which we later became ONE BIG FAMILY, we were able to acquire more knowledge and these made me promise myself to acquire more knowledge by attaining more education, a big thank you also to my instructor for being there for me,I can boldly say dayspring is one of the best institute in Indianapolis .

  29. Dayspring career institute is one of the best institutes in Indianapolis Indiana with conducive environment and the teaching techniques I can boldly recommend with 100%

  30. It was an awesome experience at dayspring career institute. I enjoyed the class and the teachings cos the instructor really did well explaining and making sure the students understand everything that concerns the course and all that is required to being a good CNA.

  31. DaySpring career is the best. Honestly, I regretted I didn’t attend the institute earlier. I got a preferred CNA job within one week of graduating from the school. Please keep up the good work Mama and Christina.Aleem

  32. DSCI is the place to be. The instructor was very helpful to me. I would recommend DCFI to anyone looking to go into being a CNA or QMA.

    I love it here & I look forward to referring people here.

  33. When I started this class am very scared, but after seeing alot of people talking about there experiences i relaxing my self Dayspring career institute is the best place to do your CNA. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE THROUGHOUT THIS CLASS DRING THIS

  34. It’s been great experience all through. The lecturer is very sound and teaches with great passion and experience.. By the end of the class, my knowledge bank had expanded and I now understand the value of having a career in the health field. Awesome experience overall.

  35. Dayspring career institute is a school I will never forget. The instructor made the journey of learning so easy, despite I have been a care giver for years thinking I know it all, this class helped me to understand the full fundamental of being a care giver now am proud to call myself a CNA not just a care giver. All thanks to Dayspring career institute. During the class I met wonderful people which we are now friends. Am happy to be part of Dayspring career institute student.